Waterfalls of Iceland: Dynjandi

Dynjandi is an impressive waterfall in the Westfjords – actually it’s the first of a series of cascading waterfalls.  Dynjandi means thunderous, and it certainly is.

How we got there:  We spent the previous night at a guesthouse in Bildudalur, a village of approximately 200 residents.  The drive to Dynjandi is about 60 km, with several other sites along the way.  A highlight was a stop at a small hot spring – which was HOT and not crowded.


  • The cascading falls are very picturesque.
  • It wasn’t crowded for our visit.  We arrived late morning, and surprisingly, there were maybe 20-25 cars in the lot (you can count them from the top of the lookout).
  • Like most Icelandic waterfalls, you can get close to the action.


  • While not a long walk to the lookout area, there are many steps involved.
  • Parking could be limited in busier times.

Where it ranks:

  • Among the top five waterfalls that we visited in Iceland.  Highly recommend Dynjandi and the Westfjords in general.
  • dynjandi2dynjandi-collage

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