Waterfalls of Iceland: Selfoss

I’ll say something that few visitors to Iceland would venture to say.  Selfoss may have been my favorite waterfall in the country…it’s right up there.

I’m guessing that this isn’t a popular statement because:

  • Selfoss is in the shadows of Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe.
  • It’s not the tallest, or the most powerful, or one that you can walk under.
  • I don’t believe that many people visit Selfoss (on the day of our visit, I would estimate hat only 10 percent of those visiting Dettifoss took the hike to Selfoss)selfoss2-2


  • No crowds (as of 2016).  You’ll likely have some peace and quiet as you enjoy the view.
  • Great panoramic photos!  Selfoss is a unique, wide waterfall that can shift as the seasons change.


  • The walking trail to Selfoss is rocky and you have to climb over some rocks.  Trust us, watch your step!
  • While the east side offers awesome views, it also means you have to drive on a verrrrry bumpy gravel road (#864).  Icelandic gravel roads aren’t graded or maintained.  You’ll be going 15-20 mph in spots.  You can take the smoother road on the west side (#862), though the view may not equal the east side.

Location:  About 60 km east of Myvatn (if you take route 862).  Myvatn would be your likely stop the night before (if traveling clockwise).  We traveled clockwise, staying at Myvatn, visiting Dettifoss/Selfoss/Hafragilsfoss, then going on to Egilsstadir.  This was a full day with several stops.

One thought on “Waterfalls of Iceland: Selfoss

  1. Your thoughts quite resonate with me. Although I was awestruck by the power of Dettifoss, I was quite as amazed by the beauty of Selfoss, and glad I made the trek to see the vast expanse of it. Iceland is beyond words, right?!

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